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  • Who is H&S Bullets...

     Where to begin....
     I am a widow, my wife passed away in 2008 when our son was only 22 months old.  I had been a service plumber for 15 years prior, and when the recession was at its worst in 2010, I was laid off from plumbing, and decided to take some time off to spend time with my son, and help prepare him for school.
    In 2011 my son was diagnosed with Autism shortly after starting kindergarten. After all the Dr visits, therapy visits,  PT and speech therapy, I decided to be a stay at home parent until everything kind of situated itself and there was some degree of normalcy back in our lives.
    In 2012,  I started casting as a hobby for personal use (Sandy Hook and the empty shelves at the reloading supply stores may have played a part also) I was hand casting using the infamous Lee 20lb bottom pour melting pot, and an assortment of hand molds. I found casting and reloading a type of much needed therapy for myself, and the money saved didn't hurt either.
    After a while my son was doing a lot better in school, and was able to do his work and slowly started to socialize more with fellow classmates,  which left me not needed as much at the school, and a few more hours to work on my hobby.
    It was mid 2015 that I decided I liked being an "at home" parent, so I got all the info on starting a business, what licenses I would need , what are the costs involved, and so on. After a month of non-stop paperwork and phone calls, I had my business license and was awaiting the FFL-06 license, which arrived in September of 2015.
     Believe it or not, when I started H&S bullets, I was still using the same Lee 20lb pot and 5 cavity hand molds, and you can't  forget the wonderful Lee push through sizing die to size the bullets.
     I slowly built up as I could afford it, going from hand molds, to a 4 mold manual casting machine, up to the Magma bullet master I have today.
    H&S is not a big company, I don't have investors or co-owners, no big manufacturing plant, Just me and a couple machines in a (really small) corner of the garage.