What is Hi-Tek Supercoat?

     Hi-Tek Super Coat molecularly bonds to the bullet during the curing process, totally encapsulating the bullet. The coating prevents lead to bore contact and virtually eliminates lead fouling and the smoke normally associated with traditional wax type lubricants. Eliminating the need for messy wax lubricants, your Hi-Tek coated bullets assist in keeping your hands, breathing air, reloading dies, and gun much cleaner than traditional wax lubed cast bullets. As an added benefit, the smooth slippery Hi-Tek coated bullets feed very well in most bullet feeders. 

    How do I get the Military/LEO Discount

     To receive the coupon code, H&S Bullets will need some sort of verification. Whether it's a govt email address, a copy of credentials or MIL ID. Any info sent is deleted after being verified. H&S Bullets DOES NOT save or sell any private info. 

    What Load Data do I use?

     Any cast bullet/lead load data for the caliber/grain weight of bullet you use will work. But, always start low and work up until you reach your desired speed and pressures. 

    Will your bullets work in a Glock?

     Yes, I have sold thousands of bullets to competition shooters using Glocks, some with Lone Wolf barrels, and others with the stock Glock barrel. From what I have heard, HK barrels are the only ones that don't do well with cast bullets. (I don't own an HK, so I am stating what I have heard and read) 

    Why do I get a bulge, or lead shavings when I seat a bullet?

     There are a few reasons that could cause this issue. The biggest cause of shaving the bullet when seating is due to a lack of a bell in the case mouth, or trying to seat and crimp in the same process. I strongly recommend getting a powder through expanding die, or a Lee universal expanding die. With either of those they can be adjusted to slightly flare (bell) the case mouth enough to properly seat a cast bullet without shaving the sides of the bullet, then using a separate crimp die to remove the flare/bell and add a slight crimp after the bullet is seated to the recommended COL. The Lee FCD (Factory Crimp Die) can be used, but be very cautious if you use one. The FCD can swage the bullet as it's crimping the case. 

    Do you sell live/loaded rounds?

     NO. I do not sell any live or loaded rounds. All I sell is the cast bullet, and occasionally some brass if I find a good deal.